Concept Art Tease

spearMouseOver the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of conceptual design on the project, figuring out how to code DNA into a flash game, etc. But I don’t have much to show on that yet. What I do have to show is a tid bit of concept art I’ve done on the characters, what they might look like and how part interchanging will work visually.


These two characters are based on the same head and body with different eyes, ears, mouths, etc to create two distinct characters. These characters would be able to breed (assuming one is male and one is female) and produce some kind of mouse-duck hybrid (that’s the part I’m still working on).

I should also note here that the parts a creature is born with determine the abilities it will be able to use. The mouse to the left has a horn on its head which will grant it a powerful head butt attack, where the duck was born with a third eye, granting it psychic abilities.