Combat Prototype

Combat Prototype

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I have completed a preliminary combat prototype and quickly learned that having automated, non-interactive combat is kind of boring and leaves the player feeling very detached from the experienced. The alternative would be a Pokemon-style battle system where the player gets to choose which moves to use; moves expend energy; energy is determined by stamina. Creatures would also have a defend ability which allows them to take less damage if hit next turn (augmented by their constitution score).

There will also eventually be animated sprites that are played for each attack, while the creatures move back and forth to indicate attacks, dodges and hits.

Another key feature missing from this prototype which will be implemented in the next 2 weeks is training. Now, when you try to fight a creature and lose, you simply have to try again with another creature. In the final prototype, after you lose a battle you will be able to choose to train your creature in one of the traits which will increase it by 1 point. Trained ability, of course, is not genetically transferred.