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So I apologize, dear readers, for not posting more of my prototypes thus far. To summarize my efforts, I’ve gotten a basic, random crossover function that generates random offspring from both parents. Each part holds the potential to modify the attributes of the creature, which include: Strength, Stamina, Constitution, Intelligence and Speed. Eventually (for the next prototype) parts will also hold ability objects which are the creature’s attacks in combat. Parts like claws would have a slash attack, horns have a headbutt attack, third eyes have a psychic attack, etc.

This current prototype had 41 part sets, and I will be adding more as I go. This prototype can create roughly 972000 different combinations.

In the next prototype I will make a rough combat system and attempt to add a system for skin color that is inherited and mixed between parents. Technically (on the schedule I drafted) these are two different prototypes, but I’m planning on working on both features interchangeably and I’ll demo which ever I finish first.



creatures2Virtual Monsters is in some ways a combination of many of my favorite games as a kid: Pokemon, Harvest Moon and an obscure but amazing game called Creatures. The game was a rather sophisticated virtual life simulation where the player was tasked with raising these adorable creatures called Norns. The player could type things to the Norn and eventually teach them simple language like “eat fruit” or “push that.” The creatures would grow up, begin experiencing certain urges, mate and produce offspring. Their brains were very sophisticated and based on chemical interactions which produced emotion and behavior.

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Concept Art Tease

spearMouseOver the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of conceptual design on the project, figuring out how to code DNA into a flash game, etc. But I don’t have much to show on that yet. What I do have to show is a tid bit of concept art I’ve done on the characters, what they might look like and how part interchanging will work visually.


These two characters are based on the same head and body with different eyes, ears, mouths, etc to create two distinct characters. These characters would be able to breed (assuming one is male and one is female) and produce some kind of mouse-duck hybrid (that’s the part I’m still working on).

I should also note here that the parts a creature is born with determine the abilities it will be able to use. The mouse to the left has a horn on its head which will grant it a powerful head butt attack, where the duck was born with a third eye, granting it psychic abilities.