Single Player Gameplay


While I eventually want to turn this concept into an online multiplayer game experience, the product I will be producing for this class will be a single player experience something akin to a typical Pokemon game.

The basic flow of gameplay will consist of a recursive loop. The player starts with a creature that they can train in various aspects. The player then finds a creature with features they find desirable and challenges it in battle. If the player wins, they acquire a sample of the creature’s DNA which they can combine with their current creature and produce offspring. The player can then choose one of the offspring with the most desirable attributes to keep and train, starting the cycle over.

The player will start with a choice of three creatures randomly generated from selected “starter” parts (so as not to generate too powerful of a creature to start with).  From there the player can travel to various locations such as forests, grasslands and other towns. Each of these areas will have different semi-randomized creatures that appear. Each location will have different sets of parts from which it generates creatures.

Details on the mechanics of combat coming soon…


Trying not to pull a Molyneux

I realize one reason I’ve been hesitant about posting anything on this blog so early in the project is that I want to refrain from pulling a Molyneux. I mean this in reference to one of my favorite game designers Peter Molyneux who pronounces very ambitious projects that turn out being considerably less than his original vision.  Molyneux is now followed to interviews by a PR agent to prevent him from spouting too much… But I digress.

I am, however, obligated by means of grading to post updates on what I’m doing and right now I’m coming up with all the ideas I could incorporate into the project but realistically will never get to within the course (I have until Thanksgiving).

What I will likely accomplish is a system that can cross traits from two parent creatures to an offspring and a simple battle system where two creatures can fight each other. When designing these game systems I will try to make them as open to expansion as I can so I could potentially turn it into more after the end of this course.

Where I would like to go with this is to turn it into a facebook or iPhone game where players can trade, battle and crossbreed with your friends’ creatures. My hope is that by the end of the course this thing will be rocking enough to wholly warrant continued effort. Making games for iPhone does seem like a good way to make money. And who doesn’t like money? Communists, that’s who!

The Pitch

spearMouseIconPlayers breed creatures possessing virtual DNA (what I’m calling VNA) which controls everything from their shape, color and features to strengths, abilities and (to some extent) behaviors. When two creatures mate, their VNA sequences are combined to produce offspring with traits from both parents.

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