Chimera Update

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I recently fixed up the Chimera prototype I started in college with embedded fonts and tutorial boxes to explain how to play the game. It’s still a very rough prototype, particularly in the combat which I find extremely boring. I have plans for an improved combat system, but I’m not sure when I will get to actually implementing it. Right now I’ve begun to redirect my focus to the genetics simulation.

I have begun a new prototype to test and tweak new methods of organizing and crossing genetic information that are closer to the way real genetics combine when reproducing. While working on Chimera, it has always been in the back of my mind that the same genetic breeding system could be used to define the appearance of plants as well as creatures. With that in mind I began to code what I am currently calling Project Mendel. More on this soon.


Mission Complete! Kinda…

It’s over! Project Chimera Prototype 4 is complete and post mortem has been presented to the class. But Project Chimera is far from complete. I plan to work on it more over the winter vacation, and will likely continue to post my updates to this blog.

I am driving home today and do not have time to upload the finished project to my ftp, but it is up on my Deviant Art page. I will publish a more official version (fixing font issues) when I get home. For now, check it out here:

Project Chimera v0.4

Combat Prototype

Combat Prototype

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I have completed a preliminary combat prototype and quickly learned that having automated, non-interactive combat is kind of boring and leaves the player feeling very detached from the experienced. The alternative would be a Pokemon-style battle system where the player gets to choose which moves to use; moves expend energy; energy is determined by stamina. Creatures would also have a defend ability which allows them to take less damage if hit next turn (augmented by their constitution score).

There will also eventually be animated sprites that are played for each attack, while the creatures move back and forth to indicate attacks, dodges and hits.

Another key feature missing from this prototype which will be implemented in the next 2 weeks is training. Now, when you try to fight a creature and lose, you simply have to try again with another creature. In the final prototype, after you lose a battle you will be able to choose to train your creature in one of the traits which will increase it by 1 point. Trained ability, of course, is not genetically transferred.

Prototype 02


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So I apologize, dear readers, for not posting more of my prototypes thus far. To summarize my efforts, I’ve gotten a basic, random crossover function that generates random offspring from both parents. Each part holds the potential to modify the attributes of the creature, which include: Strength, Stamina, Constitution, Intelligence and Speed. Eventually (for the next prototype) parts will also hold ability objects which are the creature’s attacks in combat. Parts like claws would have a slash attack, horns have a headbutt attack, third eyes have a psychic attack, etc.

This current prototype had 41 part sets, and I will be adding more as I go. This prototype can create roughly 972000 different combinations.

In the next prototype I will make a rough combat system and attempt to add a system for skin color that is inherited and mixed between parents. Technically (on the schedule I drafted) these are two different prototypes, but I’m planning on working on both features interchangeably and I’ll demo which ever I finish first.

The Schedule

ScheduleHere’s the blocked out schedule for the rest of this project. By prototype 5 (which will technically be the finished project for the class) I plan to have a fully playable single player game, possibly with the ability to save game data.

Prototypes that I feel are successful and interesting and/or need testing I will put up on this blog for you to check out. I will try to post them on or around the due dates listed on this schedule. Prototype 1, a proof of concept where a creature is assembled from random parts, was completed last Thursday but has yet to appear on this site because I don’t think it’s ready for the public quite yet. I need to create more creature part assets which I’ll be working on this coming week, so I will likely post the prototype when I’ve created a decent parts database.

I also hope to post a design update this Tuesday, as I’ve done some more exploration into how the final game will play out, how a player goes about breeding with other creatures, etc. I made a flowchart and everything! And I know you’re excited to see flowcharts. Don’t even try to hide it.